Message from President


Prof. T A Chowdhury
GOSB, President

Dear Colleagues,

Gynaecological Oncology Society of Bangladesh was established with the aim of streamlining the treatment of gynaecological cancer patients in this country. Many gynaecological cancer patients are poor and have very little knowledge about these diseases; as a consequence, most of these patients present late in the advanced stage of the disease when treatment is not effective. These patients are also often treated by people who are not very experienced in treating these diseases. So in many cases diagnosis is delayed and patients reach to the hospital very late. There is also a risk of exploitation of this poor and desperate patient by different types of medical practitioners.

Gynaecological oncology society will aim to create awareness about gynaecological cancer among general public. It will also try to bring together gynaecological cancer specialists and other specialists related to the management of these cancers together in a common platform so that they can discuss and decide the most appropriate treatment for these cancers in our situation. It will also provide a platform for specialists to discuss their experience and learn from each other. The society also will aim to have continuous CPD programmers in a different part of the country for training up our doctors who wish to take up treatment of gynaecological cancer as their speciality.

This society will, also try to collect data about gynaecologiacal cancers in this country which is inadequate at present, and will try to undertake research in the field of gynaecological oncology.

Prof T A Chowdhury
GOSB, President

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