Gynaecological Oncology is rapidly gaining acceptance as a separate medical discipline throughout the world. However, the epidemiology, clinical spectrum and, the necessity for management strategies of cancer in this region are different from those in western countries. It is therefore necessary that Gynaecologist specially dedicated to the treatment of Gynaecological Cancer, should join together to establish the Gynaecological Oncology Society of Bangladesh (GOSB). It is recognized that many countries in the Asian region have established Gynaecological Oncology societies as professional bodies. Early diagnosis and treatment should be available for all peoples in the region for better management of the patients with gynaecological cancer. For better management of gynaecological cancer early diagnosis and treatment should be available to all women in the region. Gynaecological Oncology Society of Bangladesh (GOSB) will be devoted to the study and treatment of Gynae cancer patients through the development of scientific knowledge through research and treatment in oncology globally.


Name and Establishment

The Society shall be known as the Gynaecological Oncology Society of Bangladesh (GOSB). Gynaecological Oncology Society of Bangladesh (GOSB) will be a multidisciplinary body involving the Gynaecologists, Radiation and medical oncologist, Colorectal Surgeons, Urologists, Pathologists, Palliative care medicine specialists, Anesthesiologists, Nuclear scientists, Cancer Epidemiologists, Radiology imaging specialist and social workers etc.


Objectives of Gynaecological Oncology Society of Bangladesh (GOSB)

The objectives of the Society shall be:

  1. The purpose of the Gynaecological Oncology Society of Bangladesh (GOSB) shall be to help provide the best possible medical care for cancer patients, thereby improving their quality of life.
  2. Gynaecological Oncology Society of Bangladesh (GOSB) should conduct oncology related research in the field of Gynaecological cancer.  
  3. To provide educational opportunities for residents, trainee and postgraduate students who wants to take up gynaecological oncology as career.
  4. To organize multidisciplinary tumour board meeting to decision making and promote standard, ethical and evidence based medical practice.
  5. The society should also organize educational activities through meetings, symposium, conferences and workshops.
  6. Gynaecological Oncology Society of Bangladesh (GOSB) will have an official publication in the form of a Journal for the dissemination of the research and to highlight new technology and bring developed in this area of medical science.
  7. The society will try to bring together, on a common platform, Clinical oncologist, Imaging specialist, Pathologist, Nuclear scientist etc and other allied group of doctors for a free exchange of ideas on the problems, challenges and methods of cancer management of the challenging problems of Gynae Oncology.
  8. The society should work in collaboration with Government, Non-government and private agencies in achieving the improvement of Gynae cancer care throughout the country.
  9. To encourage transfer of technology between countries in the region with the objective of improving overall standards of cancer diagnosis and management, by being affiliated with regional bodies.
  10. To enhance improvement of academic and scientific standards in oncology in the region by participating in collaborating clinical research in the fields of epidemiology, preventive oncology and therapeutic techniques.
  11. To provide grants if fund is available to help young doctors to attend clinical workshops and conferences.

Methods by which these objectives will be achieved:

  1. Organization of regular scientific meetings.
  2. Collection of reliable data regarding the treatments performed in the country.
  3. Establishing networking among the gynaecological oncologists in the country.
  4. Auditing the results of different treatment modalities.
  5. Organizing multicentric trials.
  6. Organizing regular training programs.
  7. By bringing out appropriate guidelines where applicable.
  8. Organizing public awareness programes.


  1. Head Office of the society would be located at Dhaka at a site to be decided in the General Meeting.
  2. Branch offices can be located at district region levels if more than 20 members are registered at a particular location.
  3. Annual general meetings of the society will be held both in Dhaka and outside Dhaka (every 3rd time).


There would be several categories of membership of the society (fees to be determined):

  1. General Members
  2. Life Members
  3. Honorary Members
  4. Corporate Members
  5. Associate Members
  6. International Members

1. General Members

2. Life Members

3. Honorary Members

4. Corporate Members

5. Associate Members

6. International Members


Termination of membership

  1. Any member wishing to terminate his/her membership will be able to do so by giving written notice at least 3 months before and must be current with the dues
  2. Termination must be approved by the board before being final
  3. Any member in default of paying annual dues for 3 consecutive years
  4. Members behaving or performing in a way that will bring disrepute to the society. However such complaints will be examined by a sub-committee of the society and the accused must be given opportunity for self defense before final decision is taken.


Rights and Privileges of the Members:

Active Member shall be entitled to attend, take part and vote in general body meetings of the society, they take participation in academic activities and should receive journal if published.

They will have the right to form sub-committees for better management of the activities.

Proposed sub-committee may be:


Responsibilities of the office Bearers:

Responsibilities of the President

Note: In the event of any emergency arising by reason of any cause, such as death, detention, resignation or absence for a considerable period (out of country) of the President, the duties of the President shall be solved upon by the Senior Vice President.

In case of resignation by the President, it will become effective when it is accepted by the Executive Council. Pending the acceptance of the resignation, the Senior Vice-President shall acts as indicated above in case the President is unwilling to function as such.

Responsibilities of the Vice-Presidents

Responsibilities Secretary-General

  1. Shall be in charge of Central Office.
  2. Shall act on behalf of and under the guidance and control of the President.
  3. Shall conduct all correspondence on behalf of the Society.
  4. Shall have general supervision of accounts.
  5. Shall organize, arrange and convene meetings, congresses, lectures and demonstrations etc.
  6. Shall prepare a budget and present it at the Annual General meeting of the Society.
  7. Shall attend meetings of the General Body, Central Council and keep record of proceedings thereof. The minutes of the general body meeting shall be circulated amongst the members of the Society within 60 days after the General Body Meeting;
  8. Shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.
  9. Shall maintain a correct and up-to-date register of all members of the Society
  10. Shall bring any matter which he/she considers necessary in the interest of the Society to the notice of the General Body and the Central Council for guidance and decision.
  11. Shall undertake tour etc. in the interest of the society whenever required.
  12. Shall keep up to Tk. 5000.00 in imp rest account for day-to-day expenses.

Responsibilities of the Honorary Treasurer

  1. Shall receive all money for the Society and deposit it in a bank approved in the General Body of the Society to be operated jointly by the Treasurer, Secretary-General and the President (at least two and of the three).
  2. Shall be responsible for collection of all subscription and contribution for the society.
  3. Shall dispose off the bills for payment after approval by the Secretary-General only on his written order.
  4. In the event of the disagreement still persisting between the Secretary-General and the Honorary Treasurer, the matter shall be referred to the President of the Society for final decision.
  5. Shall be responsible for keeping up-to-date accounts of the Society with all account books posted up-to date.
  6. Shall get the account duly audited by a recognized audition.
  7. Shall prepare an annual statement of the accounts and balance sheet showing the financial position of the Society, get it audited by the Auditors of the Society and submit the same for adoption by the General Body at the Annual General Meeting.

Responsibilities of the Joint Secretaries

The Joint Secretaries shall help the Secretary General in looking after the management of office to maintain correspondence. The Senior Joint Secretaries at the Central Office shall act for the Secretary-General in his absence.


Organization & Management

Management of the day to day activities of the Society will rest on the Executive Board whose composition will be as follows:-



A. General Assembly

  1. Generally will be held once in a year
  2. Will be held outside Dhaka once every 3 years
  3. Special meetings may be called upon for discussing very important and urgent issues
  4. Extra-ordinary meetings can be called upon at the request of at least half of the active members at that particular point in time. In those meeting only one agenda will be discussed and no resolution will be accepted if 2/3 of members are not agreed.

B. Board/as an when necessary

  1. Board meetings can be held as often as necessary. In this case the Secretary General in consultation with the President will decide about the necessity of the meeting, date, venue and agenda.
  2. Quorum for the Board Meeting will be one third of members. If such number of the members are not present, the meeting will be adjourned.
  3. There will be no necessity for quorum in adjourned meeting.

C. Scientific Meetings

Annual Congress:

Annual Scientific Meeting of the Gynaecological Oncology Society of Bangladesh (GOSB) shall be organized every year. The place and time of the Congress shall be decided at the annual General Meeting two years in advance. Academic meetings with live case discussion and CME should be performed in different institution throughout the year.


Tenure of the Board


Membership Fees

All active members shall pay the fees for ordinary or life membership fees. The general members will decide the amount of annual fees and Trade members. The council will also decide the amount of the life membership fees.


Amendment to Constitution

Any proposal for amending constitution should be submitted at least one month before the date of general assembly and will be accepted only if two-third of the members present cast vote in favour and shall be operative of after the minutes of the meeting is approved at the next general assembly.


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