Gynaecological Oncology as a subspeciality is rapidly expanding in developed countries . Gynaecological Oncology Society of Bangladesh (GOSB) is a professional multidisciplinary body involving the Gynaecologists, Gynaecological Oncologists, Radiation and Medical Oncologists, Urologists, Colorectal Surgeons, Pathologists, Epidemiologists, Palliative Care Medicine Specialists, Anesthesiologists, Nuclear Scientists, Cancer Epidemiologists, Radiology Imaging specialists and Social workers.The launching ceremony of the society was held in march 2016 after several meetings with senior Gynaecologists of Bangladesh.

Objectives of the society are several. Among them most important is to provide best medical care for the gynaecological cancer patients of Bangladesh. Other objectives are to conduct gynae cancer related research and to provide educational opportunities for residents, trainees and post-graduate students.

Members of this society are dedicated to the management of gynaecological cancer which means cancer of the female genital organ. Among all the cancers of female genital organ cervical cancer is the commonest. Cervical cancer management has two aspects preventive aspect and curative aspect. Gynaecological oncologists are concerned with both the aspects of management. The society includes experts from concerned disciplines.as management of gynaecological cancers require multidisciplinary approach. Another objective of inclusion of experts from various disciplines are to exchange views, to do research ,to keep us uptodate and ultimately to make our patients comfortable.

During the last two and half years society has arranged several activities like academic CME,Seminar and workshops in the Divisional Medical College of Bangladesh. Two to three training workshops has been arranged also.

The society is run by an executive committee run by the President, Secretary General, Treasurer and others (Enclosed).

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