How to Join GOSB:

Eligibility of Membership:

Membership of the society shall be open to all categories of medical professionals who are adult and citizens of Bangladesh with sound mind and should undertake to abide by these presents and shall pay into the funds of the society such subscription and fees as may provide hereinafter.

Categories of membership of the society:

      1. General Members
      2. Life Members
      3. Honorary Members
      4. Corporate Members
      5. Associate Members
      6. International Members

Termination of membership:

  1. Any member wishing to terminate his/her membership will be able to do so by giving written notice at least 3 months before and must be current with the dues
  2. Termination must be approved by the board before being final
  3. Any member in default of paying annual dues for 3 consecutive years
  4. Members behaving or performing in a way that will bring disrepute to the society. However such complaints will be examined by a sub-committee of the society and the accused must be given opportunity for self defense before final decision is taken.

Rights and Privileges of the Members:

Active Member shall be entitled to attend, take part and vote in general body meetings of the society, they take participation in academic activities and should receive journal if published.

They will have the right to form sub-committees for better management of the activities.

Proposed sub-committee may be:

  • Training sub-committee
  • CPD sub-committee
  • Research and guideline sub-committee
  • Liaison sub-committee
  • Disciplinary sub-committee
  • Journal and Newsletter sub-committee
  • Ethical sub-committee

Required Criteria for the membership:

  • Certificate of post graduation degree (FCPS/MS/MD/M Phil/MRCOG or equivalent post-graduate degrees
  • 20,000/- (Twenty thousand) in cash for life member
  • 2,000/- (Two thousand) in cash for general member
  • Two copy passport size photo (attested)
  • Filled up membership form should be signed by two GOSB members
  • Extra Tk. 150/- for ID Card (Only for Life membership) Cash

Categories of membership of the society:
  • Gynaecologists and other representative specialist working in this field working in oncology or having interest in oncology
  • Pay regular annual fees as decided in the general meeting
  • Will be voting members for election of Executive Board and other meetings
  • Will be entitled to take part in all activities of Society.
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  • Will have all the rights of general member
  • Will pay one time deposit of subscription which will be ten times the current membership fees of general members
  • Will not pay annual membership fees.
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  • Industrial organization or companies active in this field
  • Will be able to take part in all activities
  • Will not have any voting rights/will pay
  • Will pay
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  • Will be offered to individuals who belong to other specialty but has interest in the subject
  • Will not have right to vote or hold office
  • Will pay regular membership fees
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  • Will be offered to persons who have made substantial contribution to the specialty
  • Their selection must be approved in General Assembly
  • Will have privileges of general members but have no voting right & holding office
  • Will not be required to pay annual fees
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  • Will be the scientists of eminence residing in foreign countries
  • Will be engaged in Gynae Oncology or related subjects
  • Will not pay any fees
  • Will not have the privileges of voting
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